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GEPC 022817 Meeting Notice 01/29/2017
The Diversity of Giving: Philanthropic Solutions 09/27/2016
The Diversity of Giving: Funding Alternatives 09/27/2016
The Diversity of Giving:Philanthropic Motivations 09/27/2016
The Good Giver: An Exploration of Tax-Wise Charitable Giving 09/27/2016

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Succession Planning Paralysis: Symptoms, Causes and Cures 03/16/2018
2017 Fall Seminar Handout - Speaker: Robert Kirkland 03/16/2018

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2017 Spring Social 03/16/2018
March 22, 2018 Meeting Notice 03/16/2018
2018 Spring Social 03/16/2018

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Membership Application 2017-18 03/16/2018